Music Videos are a high energy and fun way to build up your portfolio. However, they can be frustrating when bands are unprepared, don’t know the process, or have a different idea about how things should work. saves you time and money by bringing all the tools you need to your fingertips. 🤝

Matchmaking & Lead Generation helps you avoid the time and money suck and get straight to work with partners you are aligned with on projects that excite you. 🙌
  • Screen proposals to choose music that inspires you and ensure that clients meet your budgetary requirements and way of operating
  • Submit a sizzle reel so bands can find you
  • Browse a pool of lesser known artists and new talent – go fishing to find new artists you want to work with
  • Escrow services to ensure prompt payment

Build Our Your Capabilities

Comprehensive lists of cutting-edge resources and vendors 🤩
  • Including crew members, locations, prop houses, casting agencies, lighting makeup artists, stylists, vehicles, animals, storyboard artists, animators, graphic artist, vehicles, catering, and more!
  • High tech partners include 360 virtual reality cameras, high definition instant streaming apps, virtual production studios, and the Music Video Film Festival allowing you to stay at the forefront of technology

Master your craft

Tutorials, critiques, and how-to articles for everything you need to know about filming your perfect music video 💯
  • Up to date in depth educational materials for any level including best practices and new technologies
  • Educational resources allow bands to get up to speed before reaching out so you don’t have to go back to the basics

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Free Filmmaker Membership

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  • 10 Education Articles / Videos per month
  • Bid on Proposals (leads) - $5 per proposal
  • -
  • Project Transaction Agreement with Musicians - 15% total project cost, includes optional escrow service
  • Contract Templates - $5 per template
  • One-Time List of Resources - $5 per resource
  • Preview Songs You May Want To Work With - $25
  • Discounts for Live Events and Partnership Benefits
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Premium Filmmaker Membership

$15 / month

  • Unlimited Education Articles / Videos
  • 10 Proposals Bids (leads) - FREE
  • Additional Proposal Bids (leads) - $4 per proposal
  • Project Transaction Agreement with Musicians - 10% total project cost, includes optional escrow service
  • Unlimited Contract Templates - FREE
  • Unlimited List of Resources - FREE
  • Browser Musician Profiles/Portfolios and Contact them Directly
  • Deeper Discounts and Freebies for Live Events and Partnership Benefits
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